Transformers 1985 Series 2 Decpeticon Jets

Transformers Series 2 Decepticon Jets. In 1985 Hasbro launched 3 more jets into their line up. These jets were all retools from the series 1 jets. This time the wings were all changed instead of just a new color. The weapons were changed on Ramjet and Dirge while Thrust keeps the series 1 weapons, just colored differently.

The Series 2 Jets are made up of Thrust, Ramjet, and Dirge. All three are nicknamed the coneheads for the way they appear in the cartoon. Although not show as such on the box art or the instructions most of us will transform them with the nose cone of the jet facing up to make that conehead look.

Shown here are very nice examples from my personal collection. The Thrust is graded a high 85 by AFA while Ramjet and Dirge are both graded a 90 overall by AFA.