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  • Transformers Series 2 Dinobot Swoop

    1985 AFA 90 Tape Sealed

  • Transformers Series 2 Dinobot Grimlock

    1985 AFA 90 Tape Sealed

  • Transformers Series 3 Decpticon jet Scourge

    1986 AFA 85 Tape Sealed First Release

  • Transformers Series 3 Decpticon Jet Cyclonus

    1986 AFA 85 Tape Sealed Blue Ear Variant First Release

  • Transformers Series 2 Decpticon Jet Thrust

    1985 AFA 90 Tape Sealed

The Apex of every Transformer collectors Dream

The items represented in this gallery are the elite selections from hard fought collections accumulated by members of the hobby that possess a deeper meaning of rarity and value. Artistic appreciation of the vintage line is held in the highest esteem. Affiliates of this site have made it their life’s work to share treasures with the collecting community, and many of the pieces seen here are available for acquisition.

Additionally, over the last ten years we have been fortunate enough to procure many of the most important vintage Transformers collections that have surfaced. We take great pride in our ability to accommodate any circumstances that come with the selling of these childhood memories. If you are interesting in selling or consigning a collection, small or large, you will find no better resource than

Dec 14 2018

Transformers 1984 G1 Bumblebee Yellow and Red Versions

Transformers 1984 G1 Bumblebee came in two different colors.  The main color yellow is the most recognizable of the two. The red one had the same name and is never shown in  the original cartoon.  It is believed that these were used because of the carry over from the Takara Microchange toy line. However Hasbro…

Dec 7 2018

Transformers G1 Constructicon Hook AFA 90

In 1985 Hasbro released a combiner figure named Devastator. He was first released in the US as 6 figures that would combine to for the mighty Devastator. The 6 figures were sold separately on card backs. He would later be sold together with all 6 in a Gift Set package. The Six figures were named…