Transformers 1986 Series 3 Autobot Minibots

Transformers Series 3 Minibots

In 1986 Hasbro launched its last batch of Minibots. They were the Transformers brand of cheaper figures that were the size of penny racers. This batch would consist of 6 new figures. Only one figure was a completely new mold and that was Wheelie. The other 5 were retools of series 1 Minibots. Pipes came from Huffer, Swerve came from Gears, Tailgate came from Windcharger, Hubcap came from Cliffjumper, and Outback came from Gears. Outback was the first and only Minibot to come with an accessory. He had a top mounted gun in Jeep mode.

Although 5 of 6 Minibots were retools they were a lot different than their counterparts. They were not just recolors as we have seen before. They had new faces and Outback had new arms. Pipes transformed differently than Huffer and had new arms.

Also in this lineup we would see Bumblebee appear one last time. He was the only 1984 Minibot to make it through the 1986 lineup. His card was changed to offer the patch instant win game. This time he was only available in yellow. The red Bumblebee was officially retired. 

In the pictures you will see all 6 of the 1986 Minibots. The new molds or retools however you look at it. The Bumblebee was not included in the photo shoot. These are all graded an 85 except for Hubcap. He is an 80. All of them are graded by AFA.