Transformers Series 1 Autobot Minibot Huffer

1984 AFA 85 Pre Rub

Huffer is the Autobots Construction Engineer. He transforms into a flat nose semi cab. His mold was used previously by Takara in the Microchange line. This figure came from a collection in Maine. The original owner purchased all 6 minibots at the same time, at the same store, and on the same date. He wrote the date on the back of each card.
A little story on Huffer. When I was a child my friend Chris brought his Huffer down to my house with some of his other Transformers to play. He bragged about how Huffer was the strongest robot. My other friend Jeremy Melis laughed at him. They didn’t get along when it came to well just about anything. Chris left Huffer at my house and Jeremy took a BB gun and took aim, I didn’t think anything of it since Huffer was so strong, with one BB Good old Huffer was gone. I mean this guy blew up into several pieces. We never told Chris what happened to Huffer that summer. If you see him please don’t let him know. Jeremy has to live with the guilt for the rest of his life.