G2 Unreleased Defensor Complete
Apr 17 2020

G2 Unreleased Defensor Complete

G2 Unreleased Defensor Complete

Posted by: iamratchet

Hello again!

It has been a while since we posted on here. We hope everyone is staying safe and riding out this pandemic. Our thoughts are with all of you. While we are staying in we decided to pull out some really cool stuff to share.

Today we will be showing a complete unreleased G2 Defensor. This set is in mint condition.  There are only 2 complete sets known to exist, with Hot Spot being the toughest G2 Transformer there is to acquire.

In the early 1990’s Hasbro introduced a new line of Transformers toys to the market. They called it Transformers Generation 2, therefore giving the first run of Transformers the name G1. They used some molds from the G1 line to introduce this new line. Figures such as Optimus Prime came out with a black Trailer and retooled weapons. Jazz Sideswipe and Inferno now had new weapons. They also had new paint apps. Starscream and Ramjet were the familiar Decepticons. Both coming with new paint jobs and weapons. There were new molds as well such as Megatron being a Tank, Gobots were back with Transformers names, and many more.

We did see the return of combiners in Devastator, Superion and Bruticus. They all sported a new paint job and some had missile launchers now. The series was off and running but the demand was low and the line wouldn’t last long. There were more figures in the pipeline to be produced that were scraped. Some in the last minute as they had started production. One set are the Protectobots. They all had a new paint job. The limbs made it onto cards but were never sold. Hot Spot never made it that far. Only a handful of him are known to still exist with only 2 being complete.

Today we will show off the G2 Protectobots. We hope you enjoy taking a look. We will also be offering them for sale on our ebay account. This is a grail set for most collectors. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to email us here.

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