Transformers 1984 Series 1 Decpeticon Jets

AFA 85 Series 1 Decepticon Jets

Transformers 1984 seeker jets. This is the start of the Decepticon air warriors. Three sleek fighter jets that Transform into mighty warriors. Composed of Starscream Thundercracker and Skywarp. These three bad dudes were the first release by Hasbro from the Diaclone line using Jet Robo. The colors for Starscream and Thundercracker were both used in that toy. Skywarp was a brand new color combination and defined the Decepticons colors.

These jets will always be the fan favorites among the hobby. Starscream is a major character even today.  He can be seen in most of the Transformers Brand toy line ups. Also still to this day Skywarp and Thundercracker are mostly repaints of Starscream.

The 1984 lineup of jets were used through 1985. Only Starscream had an official 1986 release talked about here:

Shown in the picture is a beautiful shot of all 3 jets graded an overall 85 by AFA. Still to this day they are a beautiful sight to see.