1986 Series 3 Release Starscream Graded an AFA 90
Aug 1 2018

1986 Series 3 Release Starscream Graded an AFA 90

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In 1986 Transformers The Movie hit theaters. While most of us have our own opinion on the film we will focus on the toys. The movie introduced us to new characters. Some of our beloved characters were killed off. Series 3 would change the line for a more futuristic look with the toys. The figures we were introduced to during the 84 toy run would soon be off of the market.

One of the characters killed off in the 1986 Animated film is Starscream. Introduced with the series 1 figures Starscream became an instant staple in the animated show. Love him or hate him he was there for our entertainment. Only a few of our 1984 series 1 release figures made it all the way to series 3 release. Shown in this post is a fine example of this figure. Graded by AFA at an outstanding grade of 90 overall.


The key difference in this figure is the package. The assortment number was changed to match that of Cyclonus and Scourge. Showing that Starscream was packaged with the new jets. Makes sense with the boxes being the same size. Also, the “ages 5 and up” was changed to “ages 7 and up” most likely because of the smaller parts that Starscream came with. The art on the back stayed with the series 1 release. The figure didn’t have any changes to it. It was the same as the 1985 release with rub sign.


Other confirmed released series 1 figures in the series 3 line up were Bumblebee and Jazz. I am sure there may have been others that were packed in cases. I do see the “ages 5 and up” changed on other figures as well. I just have not seen an assortment number change like that on Starscream. Bumblebee and Jazz we will touch base on in another segment.

Transformers AFA 90 Starscream Transformers Starscream 1986 Starscream Release

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