Transformers 1985 Series 2 Deluxe Insecticons

AFA 85 Deluxe Insecticons Sub Group

Transformers 1985 Deluxe Insecticons. In 1985 Hasbro was off to the races trying to get more figures to the market. They bought the rights to transforming figures from other companies to use in their line up. One batch is the sub group the Deluxe Insecticons. Composed of Barrage, Venom, Chop Shop and Ransack.

The original line up of Insecticons were already owned by Takara when Hasbro bought the rights to their Diaclone Microchange and Microman line up. The Deluxe Insecticons were made by Bandai. Under the agreement Hasbro was able to secure the rights to market these under the Transformers brand, and make new characters for us to enjoy.

In the images you will see all 4 Deluxe Insecticons in top condition. They are all factory sealed in the box and graded by AFA. They are all graded an 85 overall.