Transformers Series 1 Autobot Leader Optimus Prime

1984 AFA 85 Rub

Optimus Prime is the fearless Autobot Leader. Prime is the biggest and most recognized hero that the Transformers franchise created. He is still beloved by fans and kids of all ages, and is still the main character in live action films. Optimus Prime will live on for the entire life of Transformers. He transforms from a super robot into a semi-truck with a trailer that transforms into a mobile base and repair center.

In 1984, this toy was the hottest toy of the year at Christmas. If there was one under your Christmas tree, your parents really loved you. Just kidding!  Actually, your parents were lucky to find one as there was a huge demand and a short supply. There would be many more Optimus Primes produced the following year. He would even be offered a mail away offer in 1986. His mold was used previously in the Diaclone line from Takara.