Sealed Optimus Prime
Nov 9 2018

Transformers G1 Optimus Prime Metal Plates Trailer

Sealed Optimus Prime

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In our last post we discussed the light blue trailer Optimus Prime in the error box. Today we will discuss the metal plates Optimus Prime Trailer in a regular TM box.

As most G1 collectors know there are several variants of Optimus Prime. Probably the most sought after is the metal plates trailer. What makes this figure so desirable? Lets break down the differences.


First the trailer is fitted with metal plates on the inside of the trailer. This was used in the Diaclone Days for the pilots to stand on with their magnetic feet.  We believe that Hasbro was using up old Diaclone stock when they made the first Optimus Primes. This will explain the metal plates. This also explains why they would take it away since Transformers would not have pilots operating them. The cost effect also comes into play.


Second the cab has a lot going on. The mold is changed a lot from the metal plate to the light blue to the regular version. We will get into all the differences in a another blog later on. For now we will just note the biggest thing to spot on a metal plates Prime cab in a sealed box. The smoke stacks will have a square connector instead of a round one. You can clearly see this from the window of the box.


To sum this post up we will go into the box. Unfortunately we won’t be posting pictures since we do not have a sealed contents example at the moment. Inside with the normal paperwork you will find a grey roller instead of blue. The missiles will be grey instead of black. The fists gun gas pump hose and nozzle will all be bloated compared to the regular versions. With all this noted it has become clear why this version of Prime is more sought after. He has so much coolness going on inside the package.


Loose ones are hard enough to find in decent condition. A sealed one is almost next to impossible. Below is a picture of a sealed example. One of the best examples that we have seen.





Transformers G1 Metal Plates Trailer Optimus Prime.

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