Transformers G1 Tracks AFA 85
Jul 31 2018

1985 Transformers Series 2 Tracks in Catalog Shipper

Transformers G1 Tracks AFA 85

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The wonderful world of Transformers was in full swing in 1984. By 1985 Transformers were one of the hottest toys on the market. In the 80’s large department stores sent out a catalog of the products they offered. The catalog outdates Transformers by almost a century but that is a different story. People could browse these catalogs in the comfort of their own home. They could place easy orders by telephone for store pick up or home delivery. Below is an example of what they offered.


Here we have a 1985 Transformers Autobot Tracks. He was ordered from the department store Sears. The store receipt is still attached to the box. This was purchased for a Christmas gift in 1985. The price was 9.63 marked down from 9.99 with a COD pickup for those that may be interested. It never found it’s way under the tree. The toy itself is still factory sealed in the box. The box was placed in a catalog shipper to be sent to the store for pick up by the customer. Since the toy was seen in the catalog the beautiful art didn’t need to be seen at pick up. It has been hidden for over 30 years.


I did have Tracks graded in the shipper. I felt it was a piece of history. The catalog is now a thing of the past. Replaced by online retailers. Items like this appeal to me. This Tracks Figure represents the history of shopping. How and what people bought in the 1980’s. Now that it is protected it can display nicely with a label that states what is in the box inside a box inside another box. I have assembled a collection of several of these over the years. I’ll be happy to share the others in time.

Sealed Transformers Tracks Transformers g1 Tracks AFA 85 Tracks

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