AFA 85 graded Artfire Sealed
Dec 13 2017

1987 G1 Transformers Targetmasters Artfire and Stepper

AFA 85 graded Artfire Sealed

Posted by: iamratchet

From my personal collection I will share two of my favorite Japanese Exclusive figures, Artfire and Stepper. Both of these figures are retools of Autobot Cars. Artfire is a retool of the Inferno mold from series 2 while Stepper is a retool of the Jazz mold from series 1. Both of these Transformers are still Autobots although they now have Targetmaster weapons. The Targetmaster figures were borrowed from Cyclonus and Scourge. The colors were changed on main figures with modifications made to support the Targetmaster figure. The Targetmaster figure colors stayed the same. Both of these figures were released in 1987.

The examples below are both tape sealed. They have been graded by AFA. Artfire is an amazing AFA 85. While Stepper is a beautiful AFA 80. It is tough to find these figures loose let a lone sealed.






Japanese Transformers Artfire MISB Japanese Transformers G1 Stepper MISB

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