Buying AFA Transformers
Nov 6 2017

AFA 95 Transformers G1 Sideswipe

Buying AFA Transformers

Posted by: iamratchet


I am very pleased to show off my newest addition to my collection. I recently received a gift from my friend Chris Arriola. He knows I love the G1 cars and had a perfect example of a G1 Sideswipe. When he first sent it to me I thought it was the nicest looking Transformer I have ever seen. I wasted no time getting it to AFA for grading. It came back a triple 95. I would normally say I was shocked! This time I wasn’t. This figure deserved to be a 95. There is no question about it.

The Sideswipe means more to me than just another high-grade Transformer. When I was a child I wanted that figure so badly. I had all the other series 1 cars. My mother always told me if we were at a store and it was there that I could get it, but I just never seen it. I looked every time we went, and I always went with her! Unfortunately, I never found the figure. None of my friends did either. I was willing to trade my Optimus Prime for him as a kid.

Now thanks to Chris it has come full circle and I have the best example of the figure that eluded me all my childhood.


Transformers AFA 95 SideswipeTransformers AFA 95 Sideswipe










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