Toy Collection
Aug 29 2017

Finding A G1 Transformers Collection

Toy Collection

Posted by: iamratchet

A kind older man named Gerry (with some truly intuitive foresight) purchased some G1 Transformers back in 1984 while attending Indiana University in Bloomington IN. During a weekend trip away from college in my hometown of Terre Haute, he saw two children almost coming to blows in a department store over a Transformer. Acting on a gut feeling that adults would want to someday reacquire the toys they loved as kids, he smartly purchased two of each.

Fast forward 32 years and Gerry calls me. Now retired and living in New Jersey, Gerry felt it was time to let them go. I flew out to meet him and was amazed by what he picked up and in the pristine condition they had been kept in for 30+ years. We agreed on a purchase price and I brought them home to Terre Haute.

Collections like this are extremely exciting to find. The story of a guy who had the foresight to purchase something, with the belief it would be worth a nice chunk of change down the line, is one I always love to hear. This is what I enjoy most about my job; Meeting the original buyers and hearing their unique stories. Please stay tuned as we will have many more treasure hunt tales, collections to be showcased, and never seen before information brought to light.


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