Karl Hartman Introduces A New Guide
Apr 1 2019

Karl Hartman Introduces A New Guide

Karl Hartman Introduces A New Guide

Posted by: iamratchet

Karl Hartman is a legend in the Transformers collecting hobby. He and his brother Jon started Botcon in 1994 introducing the first Transformers convention for collectors to gather. The success of the show led to a convention being held every year until 2016 when Hasbro pulled the plug on it. Maybe one day it will be back, but as fans we will always find a way to gather and share information.


Karl has still been working to help the collecting community. He wants to publish a G1 packaging guide for us all to use free of charge. It will be a living document posted on this site. We will update it as needed, when new information has been discovered. You can submit any variants that you find to us and we will use it as long as it is proven to be a true variant. This document will be a great help to all of us.


Below is a link to the guide. Please feel free to come back and use it anytime.  Once it is completed we should have all of the US variants posted from the G1 line.




Thank you Karl for all your documenting over the years! We all appreciate you.


Karl Hartman

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