Transformers Sticker Corrected Soundwave
Sep 25 2017

Transformers G1 Sticker Corrected Soundwave

Transformers Sticker Corrected Soundwave

Posted by: iamratchet

It is my esteemed pleasure to bring you a small discovery in the world of Transformers collecting!
Earlier this year (2/17) a good friend of mine Chris Arriola called me in high spirits, speaking feverishly of a previously unknown G1 variant of a very popular first series character.
He explained that in the fashion of the well-known “sticker-corrected” Targetmaster Hot Rod variant, he had unearthed a sticker-corrected G1 Soundwave transitional MIB unused figure. It is common knowledge among seasoned collectors of this era that between the initial 1984 pre rub release and the 1985 rub sign release, there was a printed disclaimer added to the bottom of the front of the Decepticon Communicators box the reads “DOES NOT RECORD OR PLAY CASSETTES” because of consumer complaints of functionality assumption on their part.This variation was previously unheard of among many veteran hobbyists. The piece was bought from a very well known dealer that claimed provenance from a single owner original purchased collection. Because this dealer also trades in prototypes/mock ups/test shots/, there was a lingering question if this was a transitional mock-up and not an actual mass release rarity. The figure was eventually professionally graded as a transitional sticker corrected piece.
Today, while unpacking a recently purchased collection that consisted of hundreds of pieces originally purchased by the previous owner, i came across a rubsign Soundwave in a TM box. I was instantly disappointed, thinking this was a mispack, or transplanted figure. Upon further inspection, I noticed the aforementioned disclosure print was actually a sticker!!!!!?
So there you have it, this variant is an actual mass release short run rarity that got my blood pressure going!!While not earth-shattering news, discovering anomalies like this keeps my passion for the hobby fresh and hungry.
Stay tuned for more of my ramblings.
Thank you!

Sticker Corrected Soundwave Sticker Corrected Soundwave


Thank you!

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  1. Bill says:

    Wow! Great find Morgan….very cool…thanks for sharing.

  2. Blaster says:

    Damn, that is very cool! Its amazing that we are still seeing new information/variants 30 years after the original release.

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