Loose Bumblejumper
Jul 31 2018

Transformers G1 Series 1 Bumblejumper

Loose Bumblejumper

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The release of the Minibots under the Transformers brand was an instant hit in 1984. These figures were small, inexpensive, and a great way to get children interested in the toy line that just dropped. Most of the characters are introduced and play important roles in the animated show that premiered that year in the U.S.  Children and fans a like fell in love with the minibot characters. However, there were a few minibots that were never explained.


Take the red Bumblebee and Yellow Cliffjumper. Their colors were not explained in the program. They were not given different names like some other recolored molds were. They were simply there. U.S. buyers weren’t familiar with the Takara Japan line of Microchange and where these fantastic new toys came from. This line did have the alternate colors for each.


Then there is Bumblejumper. A collectors dream figure. Although he never was introduced in 1984, he is still a figure most collectors want to add to their collection. Who is he? Where did he come from? These are all early questions about the mysterious figure. We will try to break it down a little in this segment.


Bumblejumper was first introduced in Japan under the Microchange line by Takara. This is before there were Autobots and Decepticons. These minicars are the size of penny racers. Each one transforms into a robot. I have not read a back story on the Microchange line to see if they had a story. I do know that after Hasbro acquired the rights for these figures as well as some molds from the Diaclone line from Takara they developed the characters that we still know to this day.  Bumblejumper never did receive a story. Not one from Hasbro at the time.


It is believed that Bumblejumper was a mistake by Hasbro. That they never purchased his rights and the mold just came over with the others. He was packaged on 1984 Pre Rub Cliffjumper cards only. He was not used in the 85 line of minibots that had rub signs. There has been a rumor that he was also packaged on Bumblebee cards yet none have been found sealed. Bumblejumper only came in the color of yellow with a similar appearance to Cliffjumper. The name Bumblejumper was fan made since he didn’t have a character. Later on with other official releases in different countries that offered different colors he earned the name Bumper.


Bumper or Bumblejumper, or what ever name you use for this figure, is a completely different mold then Cliffjumper or Bumblebee. He does share his rear head sticker with Cliffjumper. He also shares the same transformation as both iconic figures. There may be more questions about this figure that need to be answered. The most important one is where does he stand in your collection?



AFA 85 Bumblejumper

Transformers G1 Bumblejumper Transformers G1 Bumblejumper Transformers G1 Bumblejumper Transformers G1 Bumblejumper

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