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Apr 17 2020

G2 Unreleased Defensor Complete

Hello again! It has been a while since we posted on here. We hope everyone is staying safe and riding out this pandemic. Our thoughts are with all of you. While we are staying in we decided to pull out some really cool stuff to share. Today we will be showing a complete unreleased G2…

Mar 12 2019

1986 Transformers Mail Away Offer Mirage and Ratchet

Transformers 1986 would be the new beginning for some characters, and it would also mark the end to several others that we came to love. That would include the two that are shown today. Autobots Ratchet and Mirage. After the retail offering of the series 1 cars in 1985 Hasbro introduced some back to us…

Dec 26 2018

Transformers G1 Poster Box Astrotrain and Blitzwing

1986 was the start and finish of two eras for the Transformers line during the G1 run. First a full length action packed movie! With the movie we lost many of our series 1 and series 2 characters. Although some would stick around a little longer in both toy form and in the show. In…

Dec 19 2018

Transformers G1 NGB Bluestreak and Jazz

Hasbro’s Transformers toy line launched in 1984 and as we have discussed in past posts the series 1 figures all came from a Takara toy line. Here in this post we are going to show you early examples of Bluestreak and Jazz. These two figures , shown below, are unique not by the toy itself…

Nov 2 2018

Transformers G1 1984 Error Box Optimus Prime AFA 80

Today we will open up a discussion on Optimus Prime. Most of us know that the first Optimus Prime released under the Transformers brand, was the Tractor Trailer, released in the US in 1984. There are a few variants that were released. The first release was the “Error Box” release. This box has the radar…

Sep 10 2018

G1 Transformers Shockwave No Rub Short Grey Border

I recently found this Shockwave. While I have seen Shockwave before with out a rub sign I never noticed the box variant shown here. This box has a short grey border. If you look at the picture you can clearly see there is no grey border under the laser part of the art. The TM…

Aug 23 2018

Mail Offer Transformers Minibot Cosmos Find

In 1986 Hasbro offered 3 Minibots as mail offer figures. Along with an order form from a Transformers product, robot points, and a check or money order for shipping and handling, you could have received one of these little fellows in the mail. Such a wonderful and suspenseful feeling for a child to have. Today…

Aug 1 2018

1986 Series 3 Release Starscream Graded an AFA 90

In 1986 Transformers The Movie hit theaters. While most of us have our own opinion on the film we will focus on the toys. The movie introduced us to new characters. Some of our beloved characters were killed off. Series 3 would change the line for a more futuristic look with the toys. Characters we…

Jan 11 2018

Transformers 1986 The Movie VHS Only 1.00

Back in 1989 Hasbro put out a promotion to receive a VHS copy of the hit film “Transformers The Movie” from 1986 for 1.00. To get his great offer you needed the following. This form along with two UPC Proof of purchases and a cash register receipt from 2 Pretenders Powermasters Targetmasters or Headmasters Figures….