Short Gey Border Shockwave Box
Sep 10 2018

G1 Transformers Shockwave No Rub Short Grey Border

Short Gey Border Shockwave Box

Posted by: iamratchet

I recently found this Shockwave. While I have seen Shockwave before with out a rub sign I never noticed the box variant shown here. This box has a short grey border. If you look at the picture you can clearly see there is no grey border under the laser part of the art. The TM logo is in a slightly different placement as well.


It is no surprise that a pre rub Shockwave exists. I have had them before. There are still 1984 advertisements for both him and Jetfire. It appears that the both of them were released in time for the Christmas rush of 84. It is well known that Jetfire has been found in different variants without the rub. We will touch base on the Jetfire variants in another segment.


All of the pre rub Shockwaves that I have found both loose and sealed have had the shoulders separated. I always that was rough play with the toy as I found the loose figures. It seems that the pre rub may have either been made that way or easily able to come apart. Perhaps Hasbro was able to correct the quality issue on this part of the figure after the initial release.


Now that this figure has been graded by AFA and labeled correctly we now have a nice example of it to document. I am sure there are others out there. Although the first release of such a popular character is often hard to find still factory sealed. I have had 2 other pre rub Shockwave’s that were sealed in the box. They both had the full grey border and shoulders split.


This will wrap up this segment of Shockwave today. Stay tuned for more information soon. Be sure to check out the pictures in this gallery.




Pre Rub Shockwave

Here you can see the grey border is missing under the laser. Also notice the rub is not on the figure and the shoulders are separated.

Short Border Shockwave Shockwave Box TM Shockwave Back of box AFA 80 Shockwave

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