Mail Away Transformers
Sep 21 2017

Transformers G1 1987 Mail-Away Minibots

Mail Away Transformers

Posted by: Jon Krause

In early 2016 I found a set of mail away Minibots still sealed in their packaging with the mailer box. I purchased them from the sister of the original owner. She kept all of her brothers toys. He opened all his store purchased toys, but none of the mail-aways. She wanted to remove the labels from the box since it still had a family residence on it. I asked her not to, and instead just mark out the name and address but to leave the city and state. She agreed and I am glad she did.

All of the mailers came from Hasbro’s Columbus OH distribution center. It opened in late ’87 or early ’88. I couldn’t find the exact date. I had trouble getting these graded at first since no one had seen Transformers shipped from this location. The boxes were plain, unlike the RI ones that pop up from time to time. The return address was the exact location of the distribution center. I searched tax records and permits to confirm the location. Since then I have found mailer boxes with the RI return address printed on them, but the OH address label was stuck over the printing.

Now on to the toys- I never saw a set of Minibots sealed from the mail away offer. I tried researching on Google and asked many collectors. No one had an example of a sealed set intact. On the order form, the figures were offered as Cosmos, Warpath, and yellow Cliffjumper. Instead of Cliffjumper, Hubcab was sent in his place. That made sense to me since this was offered in ’87/’88 and Cliffjumper was out of circulation for a couple of years.

About 6 months after finding these I found a Warpath and Cosmos, both sealed. These two had a shipper box from RI and also had their instruction booklets. I never saw the instructions for the mail away minibots in person. I have seen the Canadian ones online, but never a US version. Unfortunately the owner didn’t send off for the Cliffjumper, so I still have yet to see the Cliffjumper instructions or know of someone that has them. If you are reading this and have a set please email me. I would love to see it. It is not the same as the blue set that came with the Listen N Fun Cliffjumper.



Mail Away Minibots Transformers Mail Away Boxes

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  1. Justin says:

    Great info. How many total mail-away figures were there. I remember getting reflector and the yellow/drill powerdasher but that’s it.

    • Jon Krause says:

      The mail always started in 1985 with the Omnibots, there are 3 of them, the Powerdashers,there are 3 of them, Time Warrior Watch and Reflector. After the 86 Movie Optimus Prime and Megatron were offered as mail-away figures. Thundercracker Ratchet Sunstreaker Wheeljack and Mirage followed. The 3 Minibots were also offered as well as a STARS Base and membership. There were other mail-away offers in other markets outside of the US that we will address in another post.

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