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Mar 12 2019

1986 Transformers Mail Away Offer Mirage and Ratchet

Transformers 1986 would be the new beginning for some characters, and it would also mark the end to several others that we came to love. That would include the two that are shown today. Autobots Ratchet and Mirage. After the retail offering of the series 1 cars in 1985 Hasbro introduced some back to us…

Sep 21 2017

Transformers G1 1987 Mail-Away Minibots

In early 2016 I found a set of mail away Minibots still sealed in their packaging with the mailer box. I purchased them from the sister of the original owner. She kept all of her brothers toys. He opened all his store purchased toys, but none of the mail-aways. She wanted to remove the labels…