Mail Offer Transformers Minibot Cosmos Find
Aug 23 2018

Mail Offer Transformers Minibot Cosmos Find

Posted by: iamratchet

In 1986 Hasbro offered 3 Minibots as mail offer figures. Along with an order form from a Transformers product, robot points, and a check or money order for shipping and handling, you could have received one of these little fellows in the mail. Such a wonderful and suspenseful feeling for a child to have.

Today I will show you what I have found. This is a collection of 6 dozen mail away Cosmos figures. All of them are still factory sealed in the bag with the Reflector offer. None of the mail away boxes were found with the figures. Actually, no other Transformers were found in this collection.

This collection was found in a barn in Northern Indiana. The collector had many items from different eras. There is no explanation as to why he would have had so many of one figure. Why not 2 dozen of each of the mail away Minibots? That was my thought. Maybe he worked for Hasbro at one point. That didn’t seem unlikely. I guess that mystery will never be solved.

The great part about this find is, that it’s the first time so many have been seen together. The Mail Away Minibots are the hardest of all the mail away’s to find sealed. These must have been a short offer from Hasbro. In over 11 years I have only found 3 Cosmos total before these and 2 of Hubcap and Warpath. The others have been placed in my personal collection or other collectors hands. I really can’t recall of any coming to open market before. I could have missed it though.

I am pleased to share this find with the community. There are still so many questions that could be asked about these figures. I am just pleased to be able to share what I have found. Hopefully someone else out there has 6 dozen of the other 2 Minibots and we can get them all back together one day.


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