1986 Transformers Mail Away Offer Mirage and Ratchet
Mar 12 2019

1986 Transformers Mail Away Offer Mirage and Ratchet

1986 Transformers Mail Away Offer Mirage and Ratchet

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Transformers 1986 would be the new beginning for some characters, and it would also mark the end to several others that we came to love. That would include the two that are shown today. Autobots Ratchet and Mirage.

After the retail offering of the series 1 cars in 1985 Hasbro introduced some back to us via Mail Order. We would have to save up those robot points and insert a check or money order for $8.00. Then in a fancy brown box would appear a beautiful Autobot car. Four cars would be offered. Ratchet, Mirage, Wheeljack and Sunstreaker.

Below are perfect examples of these figures. They are both factory sealed in the bag,  Ratchet and Mirage. Both came with the same accessories as the retail release. The only change would be the paper insert tech spec, and the red decoder is now gone. The mail in offer form is also shown below and you will be able to see the wonderful art work that was presented there. A Decepticon Thundercracker was also offered at the same time. We have a really nice example of him that we will touch base on at a later date.


Transformers Ratchet and Mirage Mail Aways are now available in our eBay store plus so much more!



Mail Away Transformers

Mail Away Mirage

Mail Away Mirage

Mail Away Offer Form

1986 Catalog

Mail Away Thundercracker

Mail Away Cars

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