Graded Error Box Optimus Prime Light Blue
Nov 2 2018

Transformers G1 1984 Error Box Optimus Prime AFA 80

Graded Error Box Optimus Prime Light Blue

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Today we will open up a discussion on Optimus Prime. Most of us know that the first Optimus Prime released under the Transformers brand, was the Tractor Trailer, released in the US in 1984. There are a few variants that were released. The first release was the “Error Box” release. This box has the radar from the bottom image showing on the front of the box. This was corrected during the run. In these boxes were two variants of Optimus Prime. One being the well known Metal Plates Trailer, the other being the Light Blue Trailer parts.  Both of these versions have been found in regular TM boxes. None of the regular Pre Rub Optimus Primes have been found in the error box.

We will talk about the metal plates sometime soon. For now we will focus on the light blue trailer. This is the example we will be sharing today. The example we have is unused in the box. The contents are factory sealed. It has been graded by AFA.

We will try to answer the question ” What is the light blue trailer?” In the Diaclone days, Convoy the figure that Optimus is based off of, came with a metal plates trailer with light blue parts. The stabilizer legs and inside components were all light blue.  When Optimus Prime was released in the states the metal plates had darker blue stabilizer legs and components. The light blue version trailer didn’t have the metal plates. What caused this separation is unknown.  The only thing they have in common is that they were both used in the Diaclone days, and they would both be replaced later in 1984 with a standard non metal plates dark blue trailer. The trailer we all know so well.

While there are still many questions that can be asked we don’t have all the answers. We would like to take the time to share the images of this rare example. We hope you enjoy the images provided. This Prime is courtesy of Cordy Humble.


Error Box Optimus Prime Light Blue Optimus Prime AFA 80 Graded Optimus Prime

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